The soul of an enterprise is culture. The soul of an enterprise's culture is a acknowledge for this enterprise’s business principle. A good enterprise should have a good enterprise culture. Taimao Company has been creating her sole taimao culture since her establishment.

Honest and reputation. Reputation is the soul for living for an enterprise. In Taimao Company, we consider that only the production that can satisfy with customer is the best production, we have to do all best to satisfy with customer, so that we can get market and profit.

Lay store by the person with ability. The system of respect the value of each person can supply opportunity of promotion for every one. At the same time, for the light production season, Taimao Company gives a salary allowance to the employees who have lower income. We have been created a system of fair and tried our best peace environment, and an opportunity of growing and showing their talent.

Seeking excellence. We have been bending to set up a standard system and perfect series system of management and personal. We set up much training, system of welfare, and created a peaceful environment for each employee. High quality production present that this enterprise have been seeking excellence. When you join in Taimao and because a taimao person, that’s mean you are joining in a team who are seeking excellence, which supply a good chance for everyone’s developing and promotion.

Work hard and love job. For a Taimao person, we should have responsibility, making program and enterprise spirit. This requires us to treat work seriously. In Taimao, we study each other; we share success experience from lots of experts.

A working team. For each job of Taimao Company, everyone here is sole. We consider every employee can’t have chance to show his talent until he can work in this working team. No matter where we are, we always remember: I am a taimao person.

Innovation. In this enterprise, everyone knows: if you cannot exceed another one. Another one would exceed you. If you want to keep ahead always, you need to exert for the function of establishment of enterprise culture, cooperation, encouragement, education and propagandizing. The enterprise should build up her through creating new technical, science, personal and system. We developing new items in order to Taimao foods can be well known by every customer, let each customer accept the brand name of Taimao.