The brand name of TAIMAO is hand writing, which stand for that the people of Taimao are not routinist. They are pioneer and innovative.

The red words of TAIMAO mean that the people of Taimao are passional and bold and unrestrained.

"Tai" come from《Lunyu. Yaori》- means stability and powder.

"Tai" - means peace and auspicious. Taimao Company is an enterprise that has been seeking and creating the enterprise of civilization and steady. With the operation of twenty years. it has been pursued developing basic on its concept of stability.

"Mao" come from《guan canghai》- means grow thickly and rich prosperity.

"Mao" – means prosperity, enrichment and goodliness which represent the enterprise's hearty vitality.

The compose of "Tai" and "Mao" stand for that the enterprise has battle effectiveness and appetency. With the united and supporting by Taimao people in a harmonious atmosphere, the company would keep developing, became more and more prosperity and enter the world.